Why Giving Women Too Much Attention BACKFIRES

Why Attention Backfires
Why Attention Backfires

Women Crave Attention not Obsession! Women love men to find them attractive and appealing. Females sometimes wear revealing dresses to be noticed by men. Ladies get their hair done at the beauty shop to attract a man's attention. Wives want their husbands to focus in on their beauty and to tell them how much they are desired. Girlfriends enjoy the attention they receive from spending quality time with their boyfriends. Most women naturally crave attention because it's a part of their femininity but men should be careful about the amount of attention that they give to a female.

Men instinctively like attractive women and they admire their beauty and physique. There is nothing wrong with this behavior as long as it's not being done in a way to make her feel uncomfortable. Staring at a woman all the time or giving her too many compliments can backfire on a man if he is not careful. Guys should give women compliments but they should do so sparingly and they shouldn't overdo the sexual innuendos. Sometimes when a man pays too much attention to a woman he can come off like a creep, desperate or even a little bit weird. Women like gifts but give them to her sparingly so they do not become predictable and meaningless. Men should keep in touch with their girlfriends and wives but they shouldn't annoy any woman with endless text messages and calls. Another thing that guys should avoid doing is constantly being in the presence of a female since women need their space the same as men.

All men should make sure that they are using their better judgement when it comes to flirting and complimenting a woman. Dating is an important way to get to know a potential mate. Men that take women out for the first time should avoid giving a woman too much eye contact or sitting too close to her unless she approves of this behavior. Fellas should not just go on and on about her beauty and they shouldn't constantly talk about the dimensions of her body. Noticing a woman by touching her body without her permission is definitely out of the question unless she gives an open invitation. Men should still be careful in this area even if she invites him to touch her physically. If a guy has an incredibly beautiful woman out on a date or if it's a female that they're really attracted to the best thing they can do is try not to pay her too much attention. Women usually can tell when a guy really wants her and this fact alone gives men some leeway to focus on conversation and having a good time as opposed to paying too much attention to her beauty. Men by nature enjoy paying women compliments and chasing after them. They just have to know how to balance this behavior with a woman's instinctive need to be lusted after and adored.

Women want men to notice them and to make them feel desired but they want them to do it in the right kind of way.

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